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Fine furnishing design and production based in Edinburgh using sustainably sourced materials

We loveNature + Design + Craft

The colour of the stormy sea, the different textures of leaves, the shapes of stones and rocks. There is so much beauty to be found in nature that it is without doubt our greatest source for inspiration. To us nature is a place of calm and happiness and we want to welcome more of it into our homes.

All our furniture is handmade and unique, whether you are interested in one of our designs or are looking for a piece that is personalised to your needs and desires. Our aim is to celebrate textures, shapes and colours found in nature and unite them with modern furniture design.

Our standards of high quality furniture are met with every project no matter the size. We love working in a range of different techniques. From initial manual and digital drawings during the concept development to traditional joinery, wood bending techniques, marquetry, carving, and gilding in the production of the piece.

Thistle side table

Scottish thistle veneer design on robust side table

Flora Coasters

Flowery sets of coasters made with veneer

Forest cabinet

Hand stained veneers and carved handles

Raindrop coffee table

Hard wearing oak with a liming wax finish

Head in the Clouds

Mirror with reflective gold leaf to create a nature scene effect

Sunshine garden bench

Olive ash

We Value


Contributing to protecting our environment by sticking to eco-conscious sources

Celebrating Naturein our homes

With this ever so fast evolving world we believe it is important to not forget about our roots in Nature. For years humans have taken more than we have given back and now we find ourselves in a position close to no return. Today the sustainability of products is more important than ever. That is why we at Francisca Bullinger are doing our part to help save the planet.

Therefore, every piece of furniture we make has to meet at least one of the following criteria:

  • Use sustainable / eco-friendly materials
  • Use recycled or reclaimed materials
  • Use products from national or local suppliers with a preference for small or independent businesses
Chair building in the workshop

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Whether you are looking for a bespoke furniture solution for your home or are interested in one of our designs - we are here to help.

Note: we are currently not taking any more commissions. Please contact me however for any other enquiries or opportunities.



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